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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I determine the proper size EXTREMIT-EASE Compression Garment for me?2022-09-12T17:55:07-04:00

To find the proper size garment, you must be able to measure the calf, ankle and distance from the floor to the bony prominence below the knee.  This is often easier to accomplish with help from a friend, family, or your physician.  A measurement guide and instructions are available on our Choosing the Right Size page or select the Get Your Compression Size and Length tab on the Compression Garment product page.

Diagram of lower leg showing the areas that need to be measured for proper fitting of the EXTREMIT-EASE Compression Garment
I sized my EXTREMIT-EASE Compression Garment properly. Why does it seem too small?2021-04-07T17:07:02-04:00

During the initial use of the product, the materials are NEW, flat and can be stiff.  Over time, the materials will soften and begin to take the shape of your limb.  The following are recommended to minimize any challenges with applying the garment:

  1. Ensure ALL tabs on both sides have been completely released from the garment prior to application.
    If only the tabs that cover the zipper are released, this will prevent the garment from expanding to its fullest capacity.
  2. Stretch the Opening
    Once the tabs have been removed, you can place your arms inside the garment and expand the garment’s circumference.  This will help ensure you have reached the full capacity prior to application.  Visit our Application & Adjustment page for easy-to-follow instructions and handy video.
  3. Wash the Garment
    The NEW product is stiff from the manufacturing process.  Washing the garment will soften the fabric and allow for easier application.
Woman with hands inside EXTREMIT-EASE Compression Garment, opening and loosening it.
How do I know how much compression I am applying with my EXTREMIT-EASE Compression Garment?2021-04-07T17:07:08-04:00

The design of the EXTREMIT-EASE garment includes a white line sewn into the side of the garment and a white and red line sewn into the tabs. When applying the product, how much compression achieved is determined by the position of the white and red lines sewn into the tabs in relation to the white line sewn into garment.

For lower compression—30 mmHG—align the white line sewn into the tab with the white line sewn into the garment. To achieve higher compression—approximately 50 mmHG—continue pulling the tabs until the red line sewn into the tab lines up with the white line sewn into the garment.

NOTE: It is NOT recommended to compress beyond the red line sewn into the tab.

Call outs on an image of the EXTREMIT-EASE Compression Garment pointing directly at the white seam line on the garment and the red and white seamlines on the garment tabs.
How do I measure for compression socks?2021-04-07T17:07:17-04:00

The EXTREMIT-EASE Garment Liners are based primarily on the foot size.  A quick reference sizing chart is available at the bottom of our Choosing the Right Size page or select the Getting the Right Fit tab on the Garment Liner product page.

EXTREMIT-EASE Garment Liner Sizing Chart
Does EXTREMIT-EASE Provide Foot Compression?2021-04-07T17:07:25-04:00

While the main EXTREMIT-EASE Compression Garment does not provide foot compression, the included EXTREMIT-EASE Garment Liner provides 10-15 mmHg of compression to the foot and 3-5 mmHg of compression to the leg.

Is EXTREMIT-EASE Covered by Insurance?2021-04-07T17:07:34-04:00

Yes.  You must have an “active venous stasis ulcer” in order to qualify for insurance coverage.  If you meet this requirement, Medicare rules allow for one (1) garment, per leg with an active wound, every six (6) months.  Some private insurances allow for multiple units, but you must contact the insurance provider to find out their policies.

AMERX Health Care does not handle any insurance filings.  You will need to work directly with your insurance company to file for reimbursement of your purchase, or contact your health care provider and ask them to dispense the EXTREMIT-EASE Compression Garment to you.


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